Vince Zo, born Vincenzo Giuseppe Marchese is a first generation born Native New Yorker. Born and raised in Queens, NY, in an Italian house hold, it was impossible for "Enzo" to not have an appreciation for the finer things in life. "As a young boy I was getting tailor made clothing because what was out in stores wasn't up to my mother's standards."-Enzo Marchese . Fashion was always around him, and so was impeccable taste. As a child, whether he was sketching, cutting up his jeans, or hand painting a shirt, he was constantly creating. He was never one to shy away from attention; he chose to stand out.  After a ten year run in the media world he decided to take a leap of faith and go back to his days of creating wearable art with new age twist. His appreciation for vintage fashion and technology landed him where he is today. An innovative designer with a voice. The name formulating from his birth name "Vincenzo", meaning the conqueror, is the the foundation of the brand. Enzo did not just want to create a brand or accessory without meaning or geared towards one sex. "When wearing Vince Zo, I want people to feel empowered; I want their energy to be infectious, I want them to feel unstoppable!" -Enzo Marchese.