Behind The Scenes of Vince Zo's Shades Collection

With the recently launched “Shades by Vince Zo” Collection, the team went right to work for the collections photo-shoot. Shot on Sunday, February 2nd, 2015, “Shades” provided all the sex appeal as promised. Here we have all the exclusive backstage information and photos to provide more anxiety to this highly anticipated collection.

As previously stated, “Shades” is shot by photographer Tania Bonetti and stars Vince Zo himself and model Gabby Rundle. With the bar set high, Vince Zo and team set the scene of eroticism that provided no boundaries. 

Shot in New York, with hair and makeup done by Nicoletta Masullo the "Shades" photo-shoot sets the ambiance and mood for the everyday Vince Zo man. Both complementing and catering to the alpha male, a dashing suit and black enticing lingerie were used in the photo-shoots wardrobe; while "Shades" accessories were the main focus in every photo. With the attention focused on the perfectly hand stitched accessories, rich silk, wool and velvet fabrics, and must-have winter hues, "Shades" was the star of the shoot (as it continues to be.)

The shoot was just as playful as it was erotic. Using the Vince Zo accessories in unconventional yet bounding ways, nothing was left to the consumers imagination. With the use of bondage and slight acts of BDSM, "Shades" plays off restricted fantasies and luxuries.